Vision Statement

“People experiencing mental health and substance use issues achieving personal (individual) recovery in an inclusive society.”

Mission Statement

Island Community Mental Health is a non-profit society delivering programs and services to individuals recovering from mental health and substance use issues.

Service Delivery

In order to achieve the Mission Statement, ICMH will provide services that:

  • Are a centre for the development and delivery of best practice services focused on positive results and change in people’s lives;
  • Serve primarily youth and adults with major mental illnesses;
  • Focus on recovery-based services;
  • Are flexible and responsive to its environment.

Education and Advocacy Vision

ICMH will be a community centre of knowledge regarding information, referrals, system navigation, advocacy, and services (e.g., housing, employment, education, recreation). In addition, ICMH will participate in activities to:

  • Increase public awareness of mental health issues;
  • Participate in broad scale advocacy efforts;
  • Cooperate with other organizations to increase scope/effectiveness of service delivery;
  • Expand funding sources to provide additional services.

Our mission is to enhance and enrich the quality of life for people with a mental illness.

We promote integration in the communities surrounding Victoria through partnerships with the individual, their family members and the community.

Operating since 1956, Island Community Mental Health is a non-profit organization that offers psychosocial rehabilitation services to people who live with a mental illness. Each year we provide services to more than 800 adults in the Capital Regional District who are recovering from mental illness.

This website is for informational purposes. Only a licensed health care professional can diagnose and prescribe treatment for mental illness.

Annual Reports